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  • Goodness Lives Here: A Safe Haven for Women Seeking Respite in Their Busy Lives

    £ 14.99

    Goodness Lives Here by Kasia Krawiecka is not just a book; it’s a journey towards profound self-discovery, specifically for women who seek peace and balance in their busy lives. By sharing her inspiring story, Kasia becomes a guide for every woman searching for a path to inner transformation.

    Goodness Lives Here offers:

    1. Insight into personal transformation: Immerse yourself in Kasia’s honest narrative, describing her extraordinary journey of self-development, breaking illusions, and uncovering deep truths about herself.
    2. Tools for self-improvement: Discover the techniques that helped Kasia in her transformation – from Systemic Settings and mirror work to ho’oponopono and many more. These are practical methods you can apply in your own life.
    3. Emotional support: This book is like a friend offering comfort, a smile, and sometimes much-needed motivation. Feel understood and supported on every page.
    4. Mirror for your soul: Dare to stand before the mirror of your own experiences, seeing in Kasia’s story a reflection of your own challenges and possibilities.
    5. Guide to self-awareness: It will help you find the path to acceptance, self-understanding, and reclaiming inner freedom.
    6. Source of inspiration and motivation: Learn how to confront internal chaos and step by step find the way to real change and inner strength.

    Goodness Lives Here is more than just a book – it’s a companion on the journey to your deeper self.

    Discover your path to self-discovery, acceptance, and true freedom with Kasia Krawiecka. Prepare for a transformative journey that will enrich your life and open new horizons.